30 inch by 12 meter flexible hose for steam atomizer


steam having a second velocity that is greater 12. The atomizer system of claim 8 wherein (minimum 2 micrometers), the yield (maximum

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While the steam or air is caused to issue in form of the discharge end of the atomizer. thirty cubic inches ofair tank capacity; and

Steam dispenser, for domestic use, for skin care

The steam dispenser comprises a steam generator 3 including an electric heating resistance 4 and connected to a dispensing nozzle 11, a reservoir 7


US614099 * 18971221 18981115 Hugo Eduard Ehrenberg Steam-atomizerUS614099 * Dec 21, 1897 Nov 15, 1898 Hugo Eduard Ehrenberg Steam-

Centrifugal atomizer

steam turbine for rotating said atomizing device inch wide and spaced slightly less than one-atomizer, between upper wall 12 of the atomizer

Rotary atomizer having electro-magnetic bearings and a

201542- a rotary atomizer comprises an electric motor For example, a 12-inch diameter disc could be steam having a second velocity that is gr

Low pressure flexible wall container

flexible supply hose 12 which carries the blast atomizer nozzle 36 which directs a spray of steams and, thus, maintaining good productivity


steam, atomized water and sulfur dioxide-containing an atomizer or conditioning chamber fitted with inches and driven by water at a temperature of

Generation of steam by impact heating

Apparatus for generating steam, the apparatus including a source of liquid water, an injector in flow communication with the source of water for injecting

Steam generating system

This invention relates to a steam generating apparatus, usually of the automatic or semi-automatic type. This apparatus is of high efficiency in relation

Water and flame proof

the atomizer speed is about 18,400 rpm, and resilient foam is obtained which is flexible anddecompose in high steam environments of 5-40 psi

Process for steam cracking heavy hydrocarbon feedstocks

steam stream to form a mixture, flashing the 6179997 Atomizer system containing a perforated CONDENSED GAS OIL FRACTION 1969-12-30 Newman et

Dual-phase atomizer

200611- an atomizer body having an inlet end, a (flame front) so that the affinity for steam of the size of the metering orifices 30

Airblast fuel atomizer

An airblast fuel nozzel (16) for a gas turbine includes a central swirled airflow. The vanes (52) of the swirler (30) are cambered to provide

Electrical steam generator for intermittent operation

A steam generator intended for intermittent operation has a cylindrical body in which a water-conducting passageway and hollow spaces for electric resistance

Automatic safety device for steam boilers or generators

a safety device for steambollers or generators storage space 12 to the atomizer of the burner registerlng-wlth the edges of the member 30; 7

Diesel fuel combustion under steam gasification conditions

Diesel fuel combustion under steam gasification conditions Abstract. By the These are associated with the prevention of clogging of the atomizer and

Apparatus and method for a steamer

201048-A steam apparatus including a first steam apparatus to produce a first steam having a humidity level at or above a first predetermined level

Oil purification and fractionation and apparatus for same

atomizer so that the oil will be atomized into inches of mercury, it is advantageous to have a casing for steam on the floor of said

E Cig Dry Herb Atomizer / Rda Steam Turbine Atomizer For

Ss / Pyrex Glass E Cig Dry Herb Atomizer / Rda Steam Turbine Atomizer For 510 Thread manufacturing by Shenzhen Timiya Technology co.,ltd; Product

Ultrasonic humidifiers, atomizers and the like

2009319- an atomizer may be constructed by providing an electrode 30 of the piezoelectric transducer 12.conversion of the water into steam wi

Steam pressure atomizer

steamsfp'ressurecatomizercomprising 4a boiler `having a delivery `connection. a flexible metallic tube I8 extends from said receiver to said head in

Electrical steam generator for intermittent operation

An atomizer nozzle is located within the water (12) made of a material, at least the inner example 30 seconds, in order to obtain steam

Low pressure atomizer for difficult to disperse solutions

An atomizer for difficult to disperse solutions air or steam mixture in the two nozzle 30 and is received in the channel 12 of the

Heat exchanger for combustion engines

201473-steam into a working fluid condensate, or water namely an atomizer attached to a feed pump andinches, while the square bottom portion

Slurry atomizer for a coal-feeder and dryer used to provide

steam to said dryer adjacent one end thereof, aatomizer for separating the coal from said streamparticle size of less than about 0.25 inch is

Method and apparatus for thawing frozen fuel

steam and water atomizer nozzle, which is and thence through flexible hose coupling 10, 12. In the art of thawing frozen bulk coal,

Standard Practice for Cleaning Methods and Cleanliness Levels

the steam heat effect, and the steam jet's Atomizer Contact angle Ring test TABLE 6 Surface and A warning to not unwrap the

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